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Yummy Quiche Jamie Style (Mushroom, Onion & Asparagus)

June 19, 2011 Leave a comment

So today I made a quick but amazing quiche.  It was my first quiche and I have to admit, it was quite delicious.  I made it as comfort food because I had just watched this week’s episode of Master Chef Season 2.  They are in the final ‘audition’ elimination rounds and actually got their first opportunity to cook something.

This year’s slice your hand off because Fox loves drama and blood featured the promising Master Chef’s cutting apples.  While still challenging, it was a welcomed switch for me to last year’s onion cutting fiasco where I cried just watching these poor souls cut those onions for two hours.

A yummy quiche by Jamie Ryer

Anyway, a bunch of people didn’t make the cut, no pun intended.  Note for next year, Jamie, you better know how to work that knife.  I am wondering what they’ll slice up next year, tomatoes maybe?

Anyway, so I was feeling all sorts of depressed because I should have been there.  But no hard feelings, I am going to try out again next year and we’ll see what happens.

So today Chris issued me a challenge, make a quiche.  Something I hadn’t ever done before.

So I jumped on and found a basic quiche recipe.  Well I am a conformist by no means.  I refuse to follow someone else’s recipe.  It is much more fun when we make it ourselves.

So here is my version of the recipe and let me tell you, it was yummy and very easy to make.

QUICHE RECIPE (makes 3 small quiches)

6 farm fresh eggs (I buy mine at the Menlo Park farmer’s market every Sunday)

1 C buttermilk (or heavy cream) I prefer buttermilk, gives it a nice flavor

2T flour

1/2 t baking powder

1t salt

2t pepper

1C shredded mixture of spicy jack cheese, plain (not smoked) gouda

1 medium sweet onion

8oz of sliced mushrooms (brown or baby bella)

6/7 asparagus pieces to garnish

2T olive oil

2T butter

3 cooked pie crusts

Beat eggs, sourcream, baking power, salt, pepper, flour and buttermilk together until blended.  Let stand for a few minutes while you prepare the saute.

Melt the butter and olive oil on medium heat just until butter starts to turn brown a little (don’t over heat).  Add the onions, make sure their diced nice and fine.  Cook those until they begin to brown and turn translucent, don’t burn them!  (I do that a lot)

Add in mushrooms and continue to saute until tender.

Set aside and let cool 10 minutes or so.

If you are using a fresh or frozen pre-made crust, cook it for 10 minutes in an oven at 350.  Make sure you pierce the crust as it cooks or use a weight to keep it from forming a bubble and cracking.

Now mix the mushrooms & onions in the egg and milk mixture.  Ladle the mixture into the pie crusts, garnish with fresh asparagus, and bake in an oven at 375 for 30-40 minutes.  Quiche should be nice in firm in the middle and nicely browned on top.  Let cool 5-10 minutes before serving